Episode 19 - The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Kyle Davis, Owner and Founder of Northwest Fitness Project. NWFP is a collective of 14 elite trainers  with a combined total of over 2 centuries of personal training experience and some of the best group training on the west coast. What makes them different? Kyle believes that the collective community of trainers that he has brought together exemplify that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Instagram: @nwfitnessproject

Website: https://www.nwfitnessproject.com/

Best way to reach him: info@nwfitnessproject.com

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Episode 18 - The Art of Teaching

Rebecca Warfield, Independent yoga Instructor, University professor and a fellow podcast host. As an educator at a collegiate level Rebecca greatly values the ability to teach a subject as well as the ability to practice one. This philosophy extends from the classroom to the mat and Rebecca is here to talk about how important it is for instructors and studio owners to practice teaching as diligently as they practice the art that is being taught.

IG: @rebeccawarfieldyoga, @dharmadropspodcast

Website: https://www.rebeccawarfield.com/

Best way to reach her: rebecca@rebeccawarfield.com

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Episode 17- The American Dream

Daniel Nyiri arrived in America in 2011 with $150 in his pocket and limited english but as a true entrepreneur knows… so what? Today he is the CEO of 4u fitness, a business that uses a very high tech piece of equipment and has 7 locations with 32 employees. Listen to find out how Daniel built a high end boutique studio chain with his own two hands and a whole lot of innovation.

IG: @danielznyiri

Website: https://www.danielnyiri.com/

Best way to reach him: His website!

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Episode 16 - Promoting Body Positivity Above All Else

Today on the show we have Katrena Cohea, owner of Different Drummer Dance. Her studio promotes body positivity above all else in a lifestyle where your body structure defines your path. Katrena has devoted herself to teaching strategies for incorporating body positivity into her curriculum while allowing her students to learn and express themselves.

Instagram: @diffdrumdance

Website: https://www.differentdrummerdance.com/

Best way to reach her: katrena.cohea@gmail.com

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Episode 15 - Dance is a Lifestyle!

Erin Pride is our guest on the show today and she is no stranger to Dance. Through her life Dance has been her passion, her catharsis and ultimately her career.

Erin has learned first hand that dance is more than just a technical sport, it is a lifestyle that requires cultivation and personal development. Erin shares with us why she feels the personal development of a student is the top priority and even aids their progress as a dancer.

Instagram: @erinpride

Website: https://www.erindpride.com/

Best way to reach her: connect@erindpride.com

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Episode 14 - Accidentally Starting a Franchise

Joining us today on the fitDEGREE Podcast is Katy Richardson, founder of NEIGHBORHOOD barre. ⁣

Some people would tell you that there is no formula for success and Katy would tell those people that they’re wrong. In an industry with giants like Pure Barre and Barre3, Katy controls the majority of the market in Tennessee and is expanding into other states.

15 Locations and counting doesn’t happen by accident and Katy is going to share with us what she believes got her this far.

Instagram: @neighborhood_barre

Website: http://www.neighborhoodbarre.com/franchising.php

Best way to reach her: katy@neighborhoodbarre.com

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Episode 13 - Invest in Advanced Training & Education For Your Instructors

Joining us today is the owner of The Fit Factor Studio, Joanna Vargas. Joanna has over 23 years of experience in dance and entrepreneurship. 

Today Joanna is going to talk about something often overlooked in a service industry and that is the “product”. Instead of looking elsewhere for answers, Joanna believe that investing in advanced training and education for instructors will improve the product and all that a studio has to offer.

Instagram: @thefitfactorstudio

Website: http://thefitfactorstudio.com/

Best way to reach her: info@thefitfactorsudio.com

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Episode 12 - Yoga, Pilates & The Barboza Method!

Joining us today on the fitDEGREE Podcast is Stefanie Barboza, owner and CREATOR of The Barboza Method!

Stefanie created a workout method for an aging client in failing health that couldn’t partake in regular physical activity. Her client saw such dramatic improvements in her health that she started sharing with all of her friends. Before Stefanie knew it she was teaching her method to more people than she could count and had a whole studio based around it.

Instagram: @barbozamethod

Website: https://thebarbozamethod.com/

Best way to reach her: info@thebarbozamethod.com

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Episode 11 - Starting an online business before Instagram... How?!

Joining us today on the fitDEGREE Podcast is Denise Posnack Gaffney, a woman with quite a story to tell. Denise thrives on spontaneous challenges such as living in another country or starting an online business before Instagram was even a thing.

Denise is here today to talk about her story of creating that online business, what she learned, how she adjusted and what’s on the horizon for her.

Instagram: @mybodpilates

Website: https://www.mybodwellness.com/

Best way to reach her: info@mybodwellness.com

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Episode 10 - Perception vs Reality of Work/ Life Balance

Joining us today on the fitDEGREE Podcast is Christopher Flores owner of FLO Fitness and the creator of the FLOosophy mindset training. Chris took a leap of faith when starting his studio and hustled his way through every challenge thrown at him.

Chris is here to talk with us about how changing his perception on work life balance really changed his life.

Instagram: @flo_fitness

Website: https://www.flofitnessbh.com/

Best way to reach him: flofitness@gmail.com 

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Episode 9 - Yoga: Simplified but not oversimplified

Jenna McDonald, the owner of Devoted Yogi, dedicated four years of her life solely to the study of Ashram yoga. True to the contemplative nature of her practice, Jenna has found that her students respond much greater when introduced to the deep cognitive teaching behind the physical movements.

Today, Jenna is going to discuss with us how she operates her studio a little bit differently for the benefit of her students.

Instagram: @devoted.yogi

Website: https://devotedyogi.com/

Best way to reach her: jenna@devotedyogi.com

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Episode 8 - What's Your 'Why'? Create a Purpose with Matthew Becker

Today on the show we have the owner of Industrial Athletics, Matthew Becker. Matt was a long time fitness buff who became an attorney by profession. When a CrossFit box he attended began having troubles, Matt saw an opportunity to help people by creating his own. Matt is going to share the importance of purpose, specifically when running a business in the fitness industry.

Instagram: @industrialathletics

Website: https://www.industrial-athletics.com/

Best way to reach him: info@industrial-athletics.com

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Episode 7 - Ditch Overwhelm in 30 Minutes with The Relaxed Dance Studio Owner

Kylie started as a collegiate dancer and decided to settle down and live the family life in her hometown. After a few years, she thought she may have thrown in the towel a little too early and tried out to be a cheerleader for the NHL Dallas Stars!

Today, Kylie is the Owner of Miss Twister Dance Company, which she has grown substantially over the past six and half years as well as the founder of The Relaxed Dance Studio Owner, a consulting firm to help other studio owners get more members and relax during the process!

Instagram: @therelaxeddancestudioowner (now @misstwisterdance)

Website: https://www.misstwisterdance.com/

Best way to reach her: Call her at (940) 227-0500

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Episode 6 - From the Court to the Mat with The Grateful Yogini

Gretchen offers many specialized programs at her studio. One of these programs, and the meat of our show today, is using yoga to up the mental and physical game of elite athletes. Being a multiple sport athlete herself, Gretchen understands the nuanced variables that help athletes keep their edge.

Instagram: @grateful_yogini

Website: https://gratefulyogini.com/

Best way to reach her: gretchen@gratefulyogini.com

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Episode 5 - More Than Just Great Cheer with Amber Brackett

Today on the show we brought on Amber Bracket from More Than Just Great Cheer. Amber grew up a competitive cheerleader, went to school for law and even began her practice. After a few years, she walked into a dance studio and the rest was history. She soon partnered with the owner and has since opened a second location with the third on the way. Amber is here with us today to tell us about her CBS Model for other businesses.

Instagram: @coachamber_

Website: http://www.morethanjustgreatcheer.com/

Best way to reach her: amber@morethanjustgreatcheer.com

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Episode 3 - Creating a Brand with The Tattooed Yogi

Although Justin Reilley is known as "The Tattooed Yogi", he was once a skateboarder and a practitioner of various martial arts before eventually earning his moniker in the yoga industry.

Given his widely known nickname, Justin is going to talk with us about building a brand both on a personal and professional level.

Instagram: @thetattooedyogi

Website: http://yoga-rebellion.com/

Best way to reach him: yogarebellion108@gmail.com

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Episode 2 - How a Nutritionist “Pays the Bills” with Julie Starr

If you’re passionate about nutrition, but wondering if it will pay the bills - listen in on how Julie was able to make a career out of it and even start a personal brand. Hopefully her experience can provide insight on what it takes to get started and how the possibilities of where to go are endless.

Instagram: @starryogabos

Website: http://www.starrlifestudios.com/

Best way to reach them: http://www.starrlifestudios.com/contact/

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