“We chose group personal training because group fitness is so broad. We wanted people to know that we are different from regular group fitness studios where it's easy for beginners to get lost in the background, and where it tends to be less personal. We started Six Foot Fit in March of 2020 right when COVID began as a way to keep people moving outdoors and continue socializing.”

Brenna Doyle was laid off from her group coaching job when the studio she had worked at closed for due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was at that moment Brenna knew she had to create something to satisfy the needs of everyone in her community now that gyms were closing.

Brenna serves anyone and everyone who wants more than an average gym experience. Their members value true human connection, authenticity, and realness. They are therefor the experience, not just the outcome.

“We are rejecting average in the fitness industry. People deserve better, they are humans, not a part of our bottom line, and should be seen and treated as such.They all have their coaches’ phone numbers and know that we are always available for them. We truly value feedback and make changes based on what they want, not what we want. We LISTEN.”

Brenna’s goal is to revolutionize the fitness industry and show people that they deserve, and can have more than what they are given. She believes people deserve more than just a gym with smiling faces at the front desk and a freshly dusted countertop... they deserve realness, authenticity, and true passion—all things that can't be forced or faked.

Community is everything. When motivation is fleeting, you have everyone else to lift you up and inspire you.Community means going the extra mile and realizing that people are putting their trust in you as trainers and friends to help them in an, oftentimes,vulnerable and intimate journey, and it should be treated as such.” 

Find out what Brenna and the Six Foot Fit team are up to at https://www.sixftfit.com/

Taking Advantage of Available Resources

Because of COVID restrictions, Brenna incentivized the social distance regulations and created an outdoor gym space. After working in a traditional indoor studio, Brenna had come to recognize physical space gyms are not necessary.

Being an outdoor gym had its challenges, however. Depending on the day, Brenna and her clients experienced freezing cold temperatures, boiling hot temperatures, and the intense humidity that July in North Carolina can bring.

One of the biggest challenges, however, was branding. It was essential that clients didn’t see Six Foot Fit as a substitute for when gyms were closed, but as a long-term fitness solution and experience.

“Physical space is just another box in your life. Going from your home (box) to a car (moving box) to an office (box) back in your car (box) and then to yet ANOTHER 4 walls? Pass!”

Brenna’s mindset has transformed the way her clients view fitness and has brought the focus back around to community versus physical space by creating true connections. She is always showing her clients she always has their best interests in mind and will evolve accordingly.

Choosing fitDEGREE

Brenna initially wanted to go with a small business for her studio management software that had its customers in mind and is receptive to feedback. She knew instinctively that the big software companies weren’t for her. The biggest reason Brenna chose to use fitDEGREE was that it is user-friendly and includes lots of features that allow you to customize your experience.

“It has helped strengthen our member's relationships with each other because they can add friends in class and now they know everyone’s names!”

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