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Growing a Successful SaaS with the Get Shit Done Mindset:Nick Dennis, Founder of fitDEGREE

  • Released Date :
    April 5, 2021
  • Released By :
    Startup Renegades
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    0 min
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Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in business development but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Nick Dennis, CEO of fitDEGREE, located in Sewell, NJ, USA.

Want to know what  “the thing” is that’s helped so many startup companies take off? Or how to know when it’s time to take your company in a new direction?

In this episode, Nick Dennis, the Founder and CEO of fitDEGREE and self-proclaimed “accidental entrepreneur,” sits down with Shauna to discuss the challenges of being a CEO of a 2 person team, his “aha” moment, and how advertising helped with fitDEGREE’s scalability.

Nick talks about what it was like to do the work of what would normally be done by a team in a larger business all by himself when fitDEGREE was just starting out. He also talks about the original direction fitDEGREE was designed to take, when he figured out his original idea wasn’t going to pan out as he’d hoped, and how he was able to shift the focus of his company to make it into the successful startup it is today! He also talks about the effects COVID-19 had on not only his company but his clients as well and how he was able to navigate these trying times to save his clients and keep fitDEGREE moving forward.

Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur looking to get your idea off the ground, or a startup that’s lost its momentum and doesn’t know where to go from here, Nick will walk you through his journey and tell you just what made him a Startup Renegade!

Testimonial Shape- Fit DegreeShape Manage- Fit DegreeTestimonial Bgimg- Fit Degree


  • The “accidental entrepreneur” [1:53]
  • The start of fitDEGREE [3:08]
  • Being a CEO of a 2-man team [6:44]
  • Reference to Loud Rumor [7:40]
  • When to know to pivot [8:39]
  • The “aha” moment [14:10]
  • When to start investing in growth [15:33]
  • “The thing” to help scale your business [19:11]
  • Building a team [24:36]
  • The human element [32:15]
  • What startup founders need to know [39:16]
  • What does being a Startup Renegade mean to you? [40:59]

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Growing a Successful SaaS with the Get Shit Done Mindset:Nick Dennis, Founder of fitDEGREE

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  • Released date :
    April 5, 2021
  • Released By :
    Startup Renegades
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