8 Apps that Help You Live Healthier

One of the hardest parts about living in 2019 is how difficult it is to maintain healthy habits with all the distractions around us. The best part about living in a the era of technology is that you carry a smart device in your pocket that can help build and reinforce healthy habits.

We’ve compiled a list of apps that help you easily stick to healthier habits. I’ve compiled a list of eight of the best apps to keep you accountable to your health:

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Are Your Instructors Making or Breaking Your Studio Brand?

While your software is key to the functionality of your business, your studio brand is ultimately based on one thing: your instructors. To build a successful studio, you need a team of talented, thoroughly-loved professionals to support your business. The teachers you hire will determine whether your business makes it or not. Hiring the wrong instructors could lose you business faster than you can say “Namaste”.

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3 Essential Tips for Keeping Yoga Students Happy

Fact: It’s five times more expensive to get a new student to sign up than it is to keep a current student. Even with a high number of new members every month, a high drop rate is fiscally bad news for business even if you have a high number of new students.So how do you keep your students happy, improve retention rates, and spend less on acquiring new students to replace the ones you lose?

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: A Guide to Creating Work/Life Balance

No matter the job or industry, many people find there’s just never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything you want to get done. That means feeling like you’re always behind and playing catch up. That’s not a good feeling to have—it wears on your business and it wears on your soul. Rather than work more, you can be productive by prioritizing what really matters.

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Best Small Business New Year's Resolutions

Well, another year has nearly come and gone––you know what that means. It’s time to talk about New Year’s Resolutions! And while we fully support those personal resolutions like getting in more sessions on the mat or getting more veggies in your diet, we’re not here to talk about those. As a fitness studio owner, you obviously already have a handle on setting goals for your health and fitness. We’ll leave the personal resolutions-making to you.

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10 Amazing Yoga Poses + Wine Pairings You Need to Know

Where would we be without the two Millennial stereotypes of doing yoga and drinking lots of wine? Nowhere. That’s where. Because drunk yoga is now a thing offered at vineyards and studio venues all over the US.

Now we can combine two of our favorite things into a harmonious activity that leaves us feeling refreshed and a little tipsy. With that in mind, breathe in, breathe out, and sip on these 10 wine and pose pairings.

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